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april 2017
Publicerad i Nyheter fredag, 07 april 2017

Austrian based PWC manufacturer Belassi makes bold strategized movement and starts to manufacture high quality and worksmanship jetskis for life-style, high-end customers. New Belassi BURRASCA model is hand made in factory located in Linz, Austria. Sub-contractors are located in Europe and for example carbon fiber parts are made by same company that manufacturers carbon fiber parts for Ferrari and Lamborghini. With new Belassi Burrasca factory has achieved the same sence of workmanship and quality of materials than what can be seen with Ferrari or Lamborghini; market’s top performance combined with best materials and luxurious finishing with all the details.

Burrasca is equipped with 3-cylinder 1600cc engine with turbo charger and massive intercooler. With 1.3 bar boost the engine produces 333 hp and delivers highest topspeed available currently in the market. With factory setup Burrasca reach top speed of 72 knots (83 mph). Development team has also tested to increase the boost to 1,5 bar and that delivers instantly 2 knots more topspeed.

Burrasca has new 161mm pump which has zero cavitation. Pump and the completely new hull has been developed by György Kasza who is multi-time World Champion and well known of using his own design hull and pump in his own Open and GP class race jetskis. Kasza’s opinion is that Burrasca’s hull is way best hull ever made by any PWC factory. Very good balance with turning really good but also great in waves. Also Kasza has used a lot of time to design perfect rider positioning with leg rails being deep enough for achieving best possible riding position.

Burrasca has several parts made fully from carbon fiber. Hull itself has core (8 layers) made from carbon fiber to reach needed strength. Handle bar, seat assy, air intake system, exhaust system including waterbox, oil tank, reverse/brake bucket, front and side panels are made fully from carbon fiber. Other manufacturers use mostly plastic in their PWCs and that does not give high-quality impression for customers looking for the same feeling than super-car manufacturers are able to deliver. Burrasca is the first factory made PWC that fulfils this gap in the market.

Belassi introduces also several technical innovations in their new Burrasca model. Handle bar is equipped with 5” high resolution display which shows rider all needed information of his current setup with electric trim tabs, nozzle trim, steering, throttle etc. Rider can customise the display to show wanted information based on his preferences.

For the customers who want to modify their Burrasca and for serviceshops, Belassi has come up with great innovation by innovating solution where the top deck opens up all the way to oil tank and revealing everything in engine compartment for easy maintance and access to all the parts.

All this comes with relatively high price tag. Belassi Burrasca’s retail price is 35.000 euros + local taxes. For example in Sweden which has 25% value-added-tax, end price is 415.000 kr. Factory has promised that deliveries to dealers will start on May 2017 and we are looking forward for receiving first Burrasca’s in store before summer starts here in Sweden. We will organise several private test possibilities for customers that are not afraid of the price level and who have been waiting for this moment that someone finally starts to manufacture PWCs that are not made from plastic.

Article by Sammy @ 88Motorsport

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